Approved Hospital Formulary
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Approved Hospital Formulary



Pharmacist Resources



Antibiotic Stewardship


Antibiogram 2021 - Gram Positive Cocci

Antibiogram 2021 - Gram Negative Bacilli

Beta-lactam Allergy Reference

C. diff Clinical Pathway

Daptomycin Dosing Procedure

FilmArray Stewardship Workflow

Gram-Negative Bacterial Resistance

Nasal MRSA PCR – FAQ Sheet

Post-Splenectomy Vaccine Protocol

Procalcitonin Flowcharts

Procalcitonin Summary Document

Restricted Antibiotics

Short Course Antibiotic Therapy

Stewardship Education Handouts

UTI Guidelines

Vancomycin Use Criteria

Anticoagulation Education Handouts

Antithrombotic Reversal/Surgical Management Recommendations

Blood Factor Products for Inherited Bleeding Disorders

DOAC Clinical Pearls

DOAC Drug Interactions

Enoxaparin in Low Body Weight Patients

HIT Antibody Assay Epic Training Sheet

HIT Diagnostic Testing

Lovenox Anti-Xa Level Follow-up Sheet

Lovenox Dosing Based on Anti-Xa Levels

Modified Heparin Drip Protocols

Post-Valve Replacement Anticoag Guidelines

Vitamin K and Warfarin Reversal Recommendations

Warfarin After Hours Clinical Pearls

Warfarin Dosing Guidelines

Warfarin Drug Interactions Quick Chart (Reference)

Warfarin Dosing Post-valve Replacement

Warfarin dosing with Angiomax




Critical Care

Actemra Dosing Chart

Actemra Storage & Temperature Excursions

Blincyto Adverse Effect Management with Toxicity Grades

BSA Calculator

Calculating ANC

Carboplatin Dose Calculator

Chemotherapy Sequencing Chart

CINV Guidelines

Common Terminology Criteria for Adverse Events (CTCAE)

Cyclophosphamide Dosing in Non-Oncology Indications

Formulary Biosimilar Agents Chart

Gamunex C Infusion Rates

IVIG Administration Record

Memorial Filgrastim Protocol

Neupogen Handout

Octagam 5% Infusion Rates

Octagam 10% Infusion Rates

Outpatient Infusion – Helpful Stuff

Rasburicase Orders

Privigen 10% Infusion Rates

Verifying Chemotherapy

Critical Care Checklist

Critical Care Team Competency

ICU Patient Sheet

IV Stability Guidelines/Max Concentrations

Steroid Conversion Chart

SUP Deescalation Algorithm

tPA + Pulmozyme for Pleural Infections




Emergency Department

addEASE Connector Directions

Adding New NDC to Talyst Packager

Antidote Chart

Charity Medication Dispensing

Citrate Emergency Prescription

Citrate Dispensing Record

CSR vs Pharmacy


Do Not Load List  |  Do Not Package List

Dye Allergy Form

Expensive/Short Expiration Date Injectables

Expiration Dates

Fluids Restocked to Pharmacy by CSR

Formulary Interchanges by Class

Formulary Status Flowcharts

Home Medications for Pain – Potency Hierarchy

Irritant and Vesicants – IV Administration Guidance

IV Stability Guidelines/Max Concentrations

Ketamine Compatibility

Lactated Ringers Compatibility

Lexicomp – local anesthetic toxicity info

Narcotic Tracking Forms

Non-formulary Drug Request Form

PCA Limits  |  Downloading PCA Library Updates

Pre-op Anesthesia Orders Quick Reference

SBAR - Pt May Use Home Meds


Therapeutic Duplication of PRN Orders – Power Point Slides

U-500 Insulin Conversion Information

U-500 Insulin Kwikpen Administration Instructions

Zosyn Compatibilities

After Hours Medication History List

ALTO Pathways

Authorization for Disclosure of PHI form

Culture Letter

Culture Review Policy

Direct Admit Med History List


ER Home Med List Clinical Intervention Follow Up Process

Med History Form

Med History Patient List

Methadone Clinic Info

Phone Numbers - Nursing Homes

Phone Numbers - Pharmacies

Qs1 Prescription Benefit Inquiry Instructions

Qs1 Prescription Profile Review Instructions

Tennessee CSMD Login




Medication Reconciliation

Aminoglycoside Reference

Antimicrobial Dosing – CRRT & IHD

Colistin and Polymixin B Dosing Guidelines

Estimating Creatinine Clearance in Amputees

IV Iron – Labs to Review

IV Iron Replacement Calculator

Medication Complications in ECMO

Peritoneal Dialysis Reference

Phenytoin Dosing Reference

Reading Assignments

Utilizing AUC to Optimize Vanc Dosing Regimens

Vancomycin Calculator  |  Mobile Version

Vancomycin Dialysis Flow Sheet

Vancomycin Dosing Update (September 2018)

Discharge Prescription Verification Process in Epic

Drug Therapy Algorithms

Inhaler Technique Instructions

LACE Tool - Downloading

LACE Tool - Publishing

MedRec Clinical Checklist

MedRec Fax Cover Sheet

MedRec How-to in Epic

MedRec List Instructions

Memorial Healthcare System Transition of Care Pharmacist Process Instructions

Motivational Interviewing Pocket Reference

Sliding Scale Insulin Protocols

Teletracking Guide




TheraDoc Resources

Acid-Base Disorders Chart

Appropriateness of parenteral nutrition

Clinimix Procedures

Enteral Nutrition Formulary (TF Information)

Nutrition Support Fact Sheet

Procalamine Package Insert

Reference Articles

TPN/Glucose Management Policy

TPN Patient Assessment Sheet

TPN Calculator  |  Mobile Version

TPN Calculator - Clinimix

TPN Half Sheet

Canned Text For Interventions

Clinical Intervention Changes (Oct. 2017)

Renal Dose Adjustments

Suppress Function for IV to PO Alert Review


TheraDoc Training Guide



Helpful Clinical Resources

Policies & Procedures, P&T Minutes

Calcitonin Injection – Guidance Summary

Do Not Crush List (ISMP)

False Positive Urine Drug Screens

Flolan (epoprostenol) Clinical Pearls (old reference, now formulary non-stock

Formalin Bladder Irrigation

Herbs, Botanicals & Other Products

Potassium Content of Often Used Drugs

Sodium Content of Often Used Drugs

Topical Anesthetic Allergy Info

TMA Opioid Prescribing Guide

TN Opioid Prescribing Laws – MME compliant prescription examples

Tenecteplase (TNK) Dosing Chart

Tenecteplase (TNK) Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria

tPA Mixing Instructions (Includes Dosing Chart)

Treatment for Intravenous Extravasations

Vaccine Stability Information

Anticoagulation Hospital Policy

Cardiac IV Drugs & Continuous Medication Infusion-Placement & Monitoring (Meds Requiring Telemetry)

Chemotherapy & Biologic Dose Rounding

Clinical Intervention Definitions (2018)

Formulary Policy

IV to PO Policy

Medication Administration & Monitoring

Medications Requiring Filtration

P&T Minutes

REMs Drug List  | REMs Provider List

REMS Pulmonary HTN Drugs

Sedative/Hypnotics for Sleep

Tapering & Titration Policy

Therapeutic Duplication of PRN Medication Orders

U-500 Administration Policy





Patient Identification Errors

Pharmacist Daily Assignments

Pharmacist Weekend Assignments

Pharmacy Education (Lunch & Learn Info)

Inside CHI (Employee Central)


BSA Calculator

Carboplatin Dose Calculator (requires Excel)

IV Iron Replacement Calculator

TPN Calculator  |  Mobile Version

Vancomycin Calculator  |  Mobile Version



Computer/IT Problems

IV Room <USP 797>

Computer – Adding G Drive

Computer – Adding Printers

Epic Downtime – MAR Documentation

Epic Downtime – Pharmacy Instructions

Epic/Talyst – Downtime Procedures

PharmacyKeeper Troubleshooting

Pyxis – Defrosting Refrigerator

Pyxis – Downtime Procedures

Pyxis – Reboot After Power Failure

Pyxis – Rebooting Pyxis Scanners & Machines

Pyxis – Recovering a Failed Drawer

Pyxis – Transferring Patients

Pyxis – Toubleshooting (when/who/how to reach out for help)

Pyxis – Extending Auto Discharge Date in Pyxis Workstation

Cleaning & Disinfecting Cheat Sheet

Pharmacy Google Site (Environmental Monitoring & Cleaning Logs, Downtime Documentation)


PharmacyKeeper Activities User Guide

PharmacyKeeper Batching Guide

USP 797 Personnel Training Guide



Pediatric References


Pediatric Standard Mixtures Table (see Tip Sheet for appropriate use of this table)

Training Checklist - Pediatric Preparedness

Georgia ED Pediatric Medication Kits Removal Tutorial (how to remove from Pyxis)

Clinical Pharmacology Tip Sheet for Pediatric Drug Information

Pediatric Emergency Mediation Calculator (link to Clinical Pharmacology)

Baricitinib & Tocilizumab Use Criteria

CHI Memorial Monoclonal Antibody Infusion Orders (REGEN-COV)

Entering Therapy Plans in Epic for REGEN-COV

Paxlovid Drug Interactions

Remdesivir Use Criteria




Neurology References


Cerebral Edema Presentation



Pharmacy Phone Numbers
Memorial Pharmacy (Glenwood) 423-495-8380
Memorial Hixson Pharmacy 423-495-7137
Stat 423-495-7470
Outpatient 423-495-8981
Chemo 423-495-7475
Surgery 423-495-8779

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