Approved Hospital Formulary
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Approved Hospital Formulary
Webpage Links
Therapeutic Interchanges
Pharmacy Education (Lunch & Learn Info)
Stewardship Education Handouts
P&T Updates
Addition Needed to FormWeb
Additional Resources
Antimicrobial Guidelines
Clinical Calculators
Drug Information
Look Alike Sound Alike 2011
Medication Safety Links
Unapproved Abbreviations
Questions, Comments, & Suggestions
Drug Shortages & Recalls
Emergency Preparedness & Response
Formulary Information
DigiFab Dosing
Renal Dose Adjustments
FDA Patient Safety Videos
FDA Patient Safety Videos provided by ISMP
Vancomycin AUC-based Dosing (InsightRx)
Discharge Antibiotic Stewardship
Epic - Missing Icons
Vancomycin Use Criteria
Warfarin dosing with Angiomax or Argatroban
PharmacyKeeper Troubleshooting
Pyxis Troublshooting
Modified Heparin Drip Protocols
Stewardship Webpage
New Employee Orientation Checklist
Formulary Status Flowcharts
Inhaler Technique Instructions
Drug Therapy Algorithms
Pyxis Connect - How to Add
Post-Splenectomy Vaccine Protocol
Narcotic Tracking Forms
Methadone Clinic Info
Canned Text
Home Medications for Pain - Potency Hierarchy
Pyxis Downtime Procedures
Meditech Missing Workstation
Meditech Telnet Problem
Adding Printers
Adding the G Drive
Test Pharmacist Page
Title/2 col/multiple headings
Sliding Scale Insulin Protocols
PCA Dose Limits
Residency Survival Guide (RSG)
Work Station Locations (RSG)
Specialty Medications & Processes (RSG)
Housekeeping (KRONOS & LEARN info) (RSG)
IRS & ADR Reporting (RSG)
Home Medications (RSG)
Printing Reports (RSG)
Charity Medication Dispensing (RSG)
Vanc Single Level Adjustment Background Info
Vancomycin Calculator Background Info
IV Stability/Max Concentrations
Anticoagulation Education Handout
TPN Team Reading Assignments
Kinetics Team Reading Assignments
Critical Care Team Reading Assignments
Chemotherapy Team Reading Assignments
Anticoagulation Team Reading Assignments
Antibiotic Stewardship Reading Assignments
Anticoagulation Reversal Table
Critical IV Meds (Max Concentrations)
Cardiac IV Drugs & Continuous Infusion
Paxil CR Substitution
Advair to Symbicort Interchange
FormWeb Sites for Review
Overview of FormWeb Design and Training Process
FormWeb Getting Started Guide
Considerations When Building Your Site
Technician Links
Healthcare Links
Announcements/Policy Changes...
Indacaterol Interchange
Extended Infusion Zosyn
Zosyn Compatibilities
Nuvigil to Provigil sub
Carbapenem Formulary Conversion
Denosumab Restricted Usage
Lovenox Therapeutic (Treatment) Dosing
Natrecor - Letter to Physicians
Transdermal Patches (Cut or Not Cut)
Nasal Corticosteroid Formulary
Drugs with Black Box Warnings
Medication Rounding Policy
Nucynta autosub to oxycocone IR
Cytotoxic Extravastion Therapy
Non-Cytotoxic Extravasation Therapy
Sedative-Hypnotic Use Guidelines
autosub temazepam for estazolam
Cytotoxic Drug Extravasation Therapy
Non-Cytotoxic Drug Extravasation Therapy
Integrilin Dosing Chart (by weight)
Topical Corticosteroid Therapeutic Substitution Guidelines
Fluids Supplied by CSR
Pharmacy/CSR Stock
Cough and Cold Product Substitution Guidelines
Inhaled Corticosteroid Formulary Conversion
Asmanex autosub to Flovent HFA
Advair Discus autosub to Advair HFA
P&T Jan 2009 newsletter
MNet unapproved abbreviations
TechTimes Feb 09
TechTimes Feb 09
Seroquel XR autosub to Seroquel
Vigamox Restricted Use
FDA Safety Alerts
Repliva 21/7 Dosing Guidelines
Relistor Restricted Use
Reclast Restricted Use
Symlin Guidelines
quinine sulfate Restricted Use
Alphagan substitution guidelines
Beconase AQ Restricted Use
Multaq Restricted Use
Invega Restricted Use
H2 Receptor Antagonists Guidelines
Levaquin Therapeutic Subst.
Fosamax (D/C upon admission)
Emsam Restricted Use
Elitek Restricted Use
Effient Restricted Use
Doribax Restricted Use
Cimzia Restricted Use
Actonel (D/C upon admission)
Cancidas Restricted Use
Acetadote Restricted Use
Abraxane Restricted Use
Gluten Free Drugs
Links to information on Gluten Free medications.
FormWeb Users Guide - Linked to Library
This is an overview of how to use the Search tab in the left nav bar of your FormWeb.
FormWeb Users Guide
This is an overview of how to use the Search tab in the left nav bar of your FormWeb.
Chemotherapy Drugs List
Source: Cleveland Clinic Cancer Center
Pyxis 4000 Guides
3/1/2012 lh

Pharmacy Phone Numbers
Memorial Pharmacy (Glenwood) 423-495-8380
Memorial Hixson Pharmacy 423-495-7137
Stat 423-495-7470
Outpatient 423-495-8981
Chemo 423-495-7475
Surgery 423-495-8779

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