Approved Hospital Formulary
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Approved Hospital Formulary

FormWeb QuickStart

The following instructions are for accessing your formulary from the Search tab on the left.


FormWeb will allow you to look up drugs three ways:

1. Search for a Drug by Name

2. Browse Alphabetical List of Drugs

3. Search by Therapeutic Category


Search for a Drug by Name: Type part or all of the drug name you are searching for. Once you have typed four letters, the drug directory will begin to narrow your search, and give you a list of drugs to choose from.

Search by name

The more you type the shorter the drop-down list, once you see the drug you are looking for, you can click on it.

If you continue to type, and nothing is showing up, check your spelling, or the drug may not be in your formulary list. 

If you want to see a list of drugs that contain a phrase or part of a drug name(i.e., “mab”), type the part you are looking for, and press enter. You will see a
list of drugs that contain what you have typed. You can click on any drug in the list to see more detail about that drug


Browse Alphabetical List of Drugs:
When you want to see all the drugs starting with a particular letter, click in the box, and select a letter.
You will see both generic and brand names (brand names are bold) on your screen. Click on a drug to see more detail.

Search by alphabet


Search by Therapeutic Category:
When you want to see drugs in a particular therapeutic class, simply click the "Show Categories" link . A list of AHFS or Multum (depending on
which listing your facility has chosen) codes and class descriptions will appear on the screen.
You may view the list alphabetically or numerically.
Click the therapeutic category that best describes your search.
All drugs within that class will be displayed on your screen

Search Display:
Search results for generic drugs may display:

      • brand names
      • forms and strengths
      • appropriate and timely comments
      • alert information
      • links to guidelines on your intranet or the Internet.
      • additional links to news, bulletin boards
      • and more!


Drug search

In the mobile view

Drug search mobile view

Clicking the “Advanced search options” will open up the rest of the menu:

Drug search mobile view

Find Therapeutic Class Related Drugs Quickly:
If you'd like to find more drugs that match the therapeutic class of your current found drug, simply click on the therapeutic class link on the detail of the displayed drug (right next to the words “VIEW MORE”). A list of drugs that fall under that same therapeutic class will be displayed.

Therapeutic class search 


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