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Hazardous Drugs & USP <800>

Hazardous Drugs & USP <800> Slides

Legacy Health, a nonprofit health system with seven hospitals located in the Pacific Northwest, implemented USP 800 changes in Hazardous Drug Handling in early 2015 using FormWeb as the primary tool for communication and information.

Hazardous Drugs & USP <800> Video

Improve Your HCAHPS Scores

This webinar presents how Legacy Health, a six hospital system in the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area, uses FormWeb and the Epic interface beyond the pharmacy to:

  • Improve HCAHPS scores
  • Provide information to help nurses educate patients on new medications
  • Increase efficiency by providing easy access to policies, procedures, protocols, and side effects
  • Live demonstration of Epic + FormWeb interface

This presentation will demonstrate how Legacy Health is communicating quality initiatives using FormWeb and Epic to improve performance.

Presenter: Dr. Kate Farthing

Improve HCAHPS scores Video

Black Box Warnings: Update and Current Trends

The FDA seems to pile more and more responsibility for medication safety on pharmacists’ shoulders. Our Best Practices webinar offers an expert’s review of recent trends in medications with Black Box Warnings.

Presenter: Joyce Generali, M.S., RPh, FASHP

BlackBox Webinar Slides


Let’s Talk Trash: Handling Pharmaceutical Waste

This webinar presents a thorough review of what constitutes hazardous waste and how/where to dispose of it. We also show ways to make the rules of what goes where easily accessible to physicians, nurses and pharmacists.

  • “What processes can be implemented to help staff more easily identify pharmaceutical hazardous waste?”
  • “What are the different types and specific requirements of pharmaceutical waste?”
  • “What are the regulatory issues surrounding pharmaceutical waste?”

Presenters: Marian Rhoads, Director of Pharmacy, and Sheryl Wamsley, Clinical Coordinator at St. Joseph Medical Center in Reading, PA

Let’s Talk Trash Webinar Slides

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What We Have is a Failure to Communicate

For a typical 500 bed acute-care hospital, communication problems between physicians and nurses create an annual $4 million economic burden” –Center for Health Information and Decision Systems (CHIDS) Our clients often tell us that one of their biggest challenges is communicating the vast amount of safety information their clinicians need in an efficient way.

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