Vancomycin Name:  
Maint. Dosing Acct:  
  Age yrs   % Ideal: %
    IBW: kg
  Height inches   Adj.BW: kg
  Actual Weight kg TBW   Maint. Dose:
  Maint. Dose mg Wt for Vd:
  Dosing Interval
hours (uses Adj.BW unless pt weighs < IBW)
    Wt for CrCl:
        (uses IBW unless pt weighs < IBW)
  Infusion Length hour(s)        
  CrCl ml/min   Vd factor:  
  Vd L   (uses 0.7 if left blank)
   Ke     MIC:  
  Half-life hours   (uses 1.5 if left blank)
  AUC:MIC   Optimal AUC:MIC ratio 400 or greater.
  EST Peak mcg/ml        
  EST Trough mcg/ml        
  Loading Dose: mg   LD: mg/kg TBW
  Consider loading dose only for indications requiring a trough of 15-20. (bacteremia, osteomyelitis, pneumonia, endocarditis, meningitis).
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Single Level Vancomycin Dose Adjustment Name:    
Use "M" or "F"          
    Height (in): in   Vd: L  
  Actual Weight (kg): kg   Adj BW: kg  
  Current Dose: mg   IBW: kg  
  Current Interval: hours   New Ke:    
  Trough: mcg/ml   New t1/2: hrs  
  Minutes Before Dose*:
  Dosing Wt:  
  New Dose: mg   Maint.Dose:  
  New Interval: hours   AUC:MIC mcg*h/ml  
        Extrapolated Pk: mcg/ml  
        Predicted New Trough: mcg/ml  
  MIC: (if left blank, uses 1.5)      
  Holding for: hrs (from time trough drawn)      
  Level will drop to: mcg/ml        
  Background Info:          
  A new Ke is calculated using the following equation:  
  Ke =  ln[(dose/Vd + Trough)/Trough]    
  Dose Interval    
  When you enter a New Dose & Interval, a peak is extrapolated:  
  Predicted Pk =  Dose * (1 - e (-Ke * infusion time) )    
  Ke * Vd * inf time * (1 - e (-Ke * dose interval) )    
  The extrapolated peak is then used to determine a trough with the same Ke:  
  Predicted Trough =  Pred Pk * e (-Ke * (Dose interval - inf time) )    
  Time to Hold estimations calculated as follows:  
  Cp   =   Cp0 * e(-kt)  
  * Note: In the above equations, "Dose Interval" = "Current Interval" - "Minutes Drawn Before Dose". E.g. if the interval is 12 hours and the level is drawn 30 minutes before the dose, it will use 11.5 hours as the "Dose Interval".