Frequently Asked Questions about FormWeb

1. What is FormWeb?

FormWeb is a one-stop medication safety resource that combines all the key resources your clinicians need to quickly and accurately prescribe medicine.

  • Online formulary management tool with your hospital-specific formulary database
  • Pharmacy communications tool that allows your pharmacy department to communicate medication safety information throughout the hospital on an easy to access site at the point of care.
  • The most comprehensive online database of black box warnings available.
  • Industry communication tool that opens up a line of communication throughout the national community of pharmacists by allowing pharmacists to contribute best practices to the FormWeb Library and borrow electronic forms in FormShare.


2. Can FormWeb save me money?

Absolutely! Although patient safety is always our focus, FormWeb can also alleviate budget concerns by increasing productivity. Our comprehensive formulary management tool will increase your clinicians’ efficiency and reduce your pharmacy’s workload, easing the strain on your most valued resource, your staff.

  • Reduces the number of calls to the pharmacy, reducing interruptions to pharmacists’ work
  • Allows physicians to see costs on every drug within two-clicks
  • Simplifies the use of automatic substitutions


3. Does FormWeb help my pharmacy meet regulatory requirements?

FormWeb is an important tool for meeting the regulatory requirements for medication management put forth by accrediting bodies like the Joint Commission and HFAP. FormWeb does more than any other product to ensure you meet these requirements including immediate accessibility to Black Box warnings, REMS, high alerts, instant updates, look-alike/sound-alike medications and non-approved/error prone abbreviations.


4. How can I access my FormWeb site?

FormWeb is user-friendly and easy to access where your clinicians need it most, at the point of care. With medication safety information at your fingertips on any screen – computer, smartphone or tablet – FormWeb takes the frustration out of the search process.


5. I’m not a computer person. Will it take a lot of time to learn to use?

Not at all! FormWeb is a turn-key solution that improves medication safety without increasing your time commitment. When developing your custom pharmacy site, we do all the heavy lifting and only ask for a few pieces of information from you. If you ever have questions, our world-class support staff are always ready to assist via phone or email.


6. What about information security and confidentiality?

FormWeb is flexible enough to meet all security settings and requirements. Give us a call to discuss your specific security concerns, and we will make sure your FormWeb site meets all expectations.


7. How is FormWeb different from other formularies?

FormWeb was the very first online formulary tool and continues to lead the industry in innovative technology for pharmacy communication and medication safety.

But don’t take our word for it. See what some of our clients say.


8. How will FormWeb work with the resources we already use? What applications does FormWeb interface with?

FormWeb partners with most medication safety applications including web-based and subscription drug information. Without making any changes to your current applications, FormWeb can integrate all your resources into one, simple site.

Get the complete list of resources FormWeb can integrate into a single platform on our Integrated Resources page.