Client Testimonials

Formulary Productions serves clients of all sizes nationwide, ranging from major universities and multi-site healthcare systems to stand-alone and small rural hospitals. We partner with our clients toward reaching their overall goals through improved patient care and increased hospital efficiencies.

See what hospitals, pharmacists and physicians are saying about FormWeb:

We have used FormWeb for almost 10 years, and we honestly could not function without it.  Everything the Pharmacist needs is in one spot: drug information, news, order sets, Board Prescriptive Authority protocols, critical care handbook, NICU handbook and much more. Before FormWeb, we just used notebooks, so finding the information needed to accurately prescribe a patient’s medicine was frustrating and time consuming. This site is so much easier and efficient for our pharmacists, physicians and nurses.  It’s also easy to maintain even for a “non-techy” person like me. If I ever need help, FormWeb’s customer service staff is always friendly and helpful. I truly can’t say enough about what FormWeb has done for our hospital!

Pam Renard, Pharm.D., Clinical Coordinator
Kadlec Regional Medical Center, Richland, WA

With 7 hospitals, 32 primary care clinics, 43 special care clinics and 26 retail pharmacies one of our biggest challenges lay in standardizing and communicating processes across the entire system. We needed a solution quickly and FormWeb was the answer.

So much more than a formulary, our FormWeb site is THE tool for accessing all of Fairview’s central information and policies. Clinicians across all parts of the hospital system have fast access to identical information through FormWeb. All parts of the site are useful, but it has been extremely helpful for us in renal dosing, finding formulary alternatives for non-formulary medications and reviewing hospital policies. Even our most change-adverse physicians are excited about the formulary and antibiogram, with many already setting up FormWeb as a quick link of their intranet for constant access.”

Janet Madsen, Pharm.D., Hospital Training and Knowledge Manager
Fairview Pharmacy Services, Minneapolis, MN

FormWeb is extremely flexible, which has enabled us to easily configure the site to meet the specific needs of our facility. With the customer service team’s help, we were able to easily design a customized site that not only provided the information our clinicians need at the point of care but also was user-friendly. I know the clinicians at McKinney are grateful for FormWeb because it saves them time and frustration by making all necessary resources and references easily accessible at their fingertips.”

Jevon Lewis, Pharm.D., Clinical Manager
Medical Center of McKinney, McKinney, TX

I must say, the Joint Commission was very impressed with our FormWeb site! They especially liked the “Sound Alike – Look Alike” and High Alert sections. With FormWeb, we didn’t just meet the Joint Commission’s requirements; we blew them away! Clearly this site is different from anything else available, which is why we have retained FormWeb over other vendors.”

Don Halliday, Director of Pharmacy
EMH Regional Medical Center, Elyria, OH

We have only had FormWeb for a few days and the site has already been used over 2,900 times!!! I have heard from multiple hospital employees that it’s helped them find information that they likely otherwise would not have been able to find in time to adequately treat their patients. We’ve also received kudos from many of our hospital colleagues on the site’s professionalism, user-friendliness and usefulness. Thanks for making me look like a hero, FormWeb!”

Steve Klein, Director of Pharmacy
St. Joseph Hospital, Nashua, NH

I have worked with FormWeb since building our online formulary in June 2004. The site is easy to navigate, allowing me to keep our site current and informative with minimal time spent. Whenever I have a question or need assistance, the staff at FormWeb has been helpful, informative and quick to respond. I wouldn’t work with anyone else!” 

Sherrel Miller, Pharmacy Technician III
University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, Iowa City, IA

The “Focus on FormWeb” workshop absolutely exceeded my expectations. I could not have asked for more. At one point I asked the presenter, “Is it as much fun to work for FormWeb as it appears?” and she replied, “Absolutely.”  In my experience, the FormWeb team is extremely dedicated, helpful and friendly. It’s rare for a business or organization to constantly exceed your expectations – but that’s exactly what we’ve gotten with FormWeb.”

Tad Adams, Pharm.D., Assistant Director of Pharmacy Services
Catawba Valley Medical Center, Hickory, NC