Children's Hospital Resources

Medication Guidelines & Order Sets Therapeutic Interchanges

Central Line Medications List

Chemotherapy Preparation Chart

CVC Fill Volume for Children's Hospital

Infiltration and Extravasation

Migraine Treatment:

     Dihydroergotamine (DHE) IV Treatment Pathway

     Migraine/Status Migrainosus Treatment Pathway

Tranexamic Acid Pediatric MTP:
Bolus Dosing Chart
      Continuous Infusion Chart

Pediatric TPN - Nutritional Requirements

Standard and Maximum Allowable Drip Concentrations

Pediatric Physician Orders - MyPal

Corticosteroids, Inhaled (metered dose inhalers)

Long-Acting Beta Agonists/Corticosteroids, Inhaled (MDI)

Proton Pump Inhibitors (Pediatric)

Steroids - Nasal

Steroids - Topical (Low to Medium Potency)

Steroids - Topical (High to Very High Potency)

 PGRs (PolicyTech)   IV Room Resources

Policy Tech Link

Central Venous Catheters - Management of Occlusions Pediatric PGR

Enoxaparin Dosing Guideline PGR

Pediatric Prescribing Requirements PGR

Antimicrobial Lock Recipes

"Clip" (Short Expiration) List

Dextrose IV Solution Conversion Chart

Hydrochloric acid for Catheter Lock 0.1N Recipe

Inhalation/Nebulization Recipes

Intrathecal/Intraventricular Drug Recipes

Ophthalmic Standard Preparations & Recipes

Sodium IV Solution Conversion Chart

Alaris Infusion Pump Reference – Pediatrics   Other Documents and Resources
NICU > 1500g

NICU ≤ 1500g

Peds 3 - 20 kg

Peds 21 - 70 kg

Peritoneal dialysis fluids














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