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How to Submit a Medication Occurrence Report
Alaris Pump Resources Abbreviations to Avoid
Adult Alaris Guardrails Libraries

- Adult ICU
- Hematology Oncology
- Infusion Center
- Med Surg
- Telemetry
Pediatric Alaris Guardrails Libraries

- NICU > 1500g
≤ 1500g
- Peds 3 - 20 kg
- Peds 21 - 70 kg
Prisma Health-Midlands List of Abbreviations to Avoid

ISMP List of Error-Prone Abbreviations, Symbols, and Dose Designation

Medication Safety in the Spotlight Medications to Avoid in Older Adults
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FDA REMS Program

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Palmetto Poision Center

RASMAS Medication Recall Form

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MedWatch: FDA Safety Information
Prisma Health-Midlands Sound Alike, Look Alike Drugs (SALAD) - Coming Soon (Refer to PolicyTech)

FDA/ISMP Tall Man Lettering List

ISMP Confused Drug Names List


















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