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General Drug Information:

        Antidotes' Reference (Lexi-Tox)

Drug Administration via Enteral Feeding Tubes

Drugs@FDA - Approved Drug Products

Facts and Comparisons

FDA DailyMed (Package Insert)

FDA - Product Information for Biologic Agents (Vaccines, Immune Globulin, Blood Factors)

Gluten Free Drugs

High-Alert Medication Learning Guides


Lexicomp - Chemotherapy  


OrangeBook - FDA Approved Drugs with Therapeutic Equivalence

Opioid Conversion Table

Systemic Corticosteroids Comparison Chart

Topical Corticosteroids Comparison Chart (Pharmacist's Letter)

Prisma Health-Midlands Josey Library Resources:
Electronic Resource Access Information
     Digital Library
     Online Tutorials

Clinical Calculators:
     Clincalc Calculator

     GlobalRPh Calculators

     LexiComp Calculators

     Micromedex Calculators

     Oncology Calculators

     Opioid Calculator

Drug Interaction Database:
Facts and Comparisons - Drug Interactions Database

Tablet/Capsule Identification:
Facts and Comparisons - Drug Identifier

Do Not Crush List:
Facts and Comparisons - Do Not Crush/Alter

Laboratory Tools:
      Prisma Health-Midlands Test Directory

Pharmacist's & Technician's Letter:
Pharmacist's Letter
      - Hospital Pharmacist's Letter
      - Technician's Letter
      - Hospital Technician's Letter 

 Resources for Medical Publication
  Drug Pricing Information
 Evidence-Based Electronic Resources
About Medline and PubMed: The Resources Guide 

ACP Abstract Checklist

How to Get Your Research Published

How to Publish Medical Journal Articles: A Basic Guide

Prisma Health-Midlands Research Division

Steps to Getting Your Manuscript Published in a High-Quality Medical Journal

Society for Scholarly Publishing


University of North Carolina Abstract Writing

University of Washington AMA Style Guide

Writing for Publication in a Medical Journal


Clinical Key

EBSCO Tutorial

National Guideline Clearinghouse

PubMed Tutorial

Extravasation Injury Resources  Herbal Medications
ADULT Management- Lexicomp

Extravasation Injury- Micromedex

PEDIATRIC Management - Lippincott

Extravasation Mgmt. - Facts & Comparisons

Facts and Comparisons - Review of Natural Products Index

National Institutes of Health- Dietary Supplement Fact Sheets

CDC Vaccine & Immunization Information

Vaccine Information Sheets

















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