Medication Use Guidelines, Protocols, or Dosing Charts
Medication Use Policies/Guidelines


Medication Charts


Continuous Infusion Guidelines

Adult Continuous Infusion Guidelines


NICU Continuous Infusion Guidelines


Pediatric Continuous Infusion Guidelines



IV Push Guidelines

Adult IV Push Medication Administration Chart


Pediatric IV Push Medication Administration Chart



Adult Electrolyte Guidelines

Calcium         Magnesium      Phosphorus


Potassium     Sodium


ICU Electrolyte Protocol



Pediatric Electrolyte Guidelines

Calcium         Magnesium       Phosphorus


Potassium     Sodium


IV-PO Dosing Conversions

IV-PO Dosing Conversions


High-alert Medications

Complete List – Process Instructions


Pharmacy Table


Other Charts

Amiodarone Dosing Guidelines

Adult              Pediatric


Anticoagulation Reversal Protocol

Vitamin K and Protamine Dosing


Antimicrobial Dosing Guidelines (IV Therapy)

Adult Dosing Guidelines

Adult Dosing Guidelines - Dialysis


Bed Infusion Placement Online Chart


Chemotherapy and Hazardous Materials List


Direct Thrombin Inhibitors Order and Guidelines


Emergency Medication Dosing – Adults


Emergency Medication Dosing – Pediatrics


Children's Emergency Services Medication Use Chart


Filtration Chart


Food-drug Interactions Chart


Food-drug Interactions – Patient Brochure


Insulin Products Comparison Chart


Natural Products-drug Interaction Chart (formerly Herb-drug Interactions)


Natural Products-drug – Patient Brochure (formerly Herb-drug Interactions)


Natural Products Waiver Form


Nonformulary Dose Conversions


Nonformulary Dose Conversions – Controlled Substances


Opioid Analgesia Comparison Chart


Transfer of Drugs and Other Chemicals into Human Milk





Medication Use Guidelines/Protocols


Albumin Use in Adults Guidelines


Pain, Agitation, Delirium Guidelines for Critically Ill Adult Patients


Anticoagulant Reversal Protocol


Antifungal Therapy Guide


Chemotherapy Prescribing Privileges


Clevidipine Monitoring Guidelines


Colony-stimulating Factor Guidelines


Community Acquired Pneumonia (Outpatient Guidelines)


Direct Thrombin Inhibitor (DTI) Orders


Dofetilide (Tikosyn) Dispensing Procedures


Epidural Analgesia and the Use of Low Molecular Weight Heparins (LMWHs)


Factor VIIa Guidelines for Off-labeled Uses

§ Closed Space Bleeding Guidelines

§ Cardiothoracic Surgery Guidelines

§ Liver Transplant Guidelines

§ Trauma Guidelines


IVIG Infusion Guidelines


Intralipid 20% Guidelines for the Treatment of Anesthetic-induced Cardiotoxicity


Pre- or Intra-operative Antibiotic Dosing and Re-dosing Guidelines

§ Adult Inpatient

§ Adult Outpatient


Juven Supplementation Guidelines


Meperidine Guidelines


Methylene Blue for Diagnostic Uses


Nicardipine Monitoring Guidelines


Pancreatic Enzyme Administration Gastric Feeds


Pancreatic Enzyme Administration Jejunal Feeds


Rituximab Infusion Guidelines


Smart Pump Drug Libraries


Adult Medical/Surgical


Adult Critical Care




General Pediatrics and Pediatric Oncology (< 40 kg)


General Pediatrics and Pediatric Oncology (> 40 kg)


Pediatric Critical Care (< 20 kg)


Pediatric Critical Care (20 to 40 kg)


Pediatric Critical Care (> 40 kg)


Neonatal ICU (NICU)


Medicare and Medicaid Formularies


Medicaid Preferred Drug List


Medicare Part D Formularies



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