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November 2015

§  HIV Guidelines on HAART Initiation and Pre-exposure Prophylaxis

§  How Zarxio® made it to market: Is there a future for other biosimilars?

§  Did You Know?

o   Clinical Forms Optimization

§  Formulary Update: October 2015


October 2015

§  FDA Update: Codeine in Children

§  Did You Know?

o   Influenza Vaccinations

o   New FDA Resources

§  Formulary Update: September 2015


September 2015

§  Sulfonamide Allergic Cross-Reactivity

§  Drug-Disease Medication Alerts

§  Formulary Update: August 2015


August 2015

§  Medical Marijuana: How Strong is the Case for Pediatric Epilepsy?

§  Tickborne Diseases

§  Formulary Update: July 2015


July 2015

§  Generic Medications

§  Did You Know?

o   Medication Reconciliation

§  Medication Use Evaluation Report

o   Clostridium difficile Infections in Hematology/Oncology Patients

§  Formulary Update: June 2015


May/June 2015

§  New Hepatitis C Medication

o   New Direct-acting Antiviral Agents (DAAs) and Update Hepatitis C Guidelines

o   Medication Use Evaluation of DAAs

§  Formulary Update: April/May 2015


April 2015

§  Guidelines Updates for the Primary Prevention of Stroke

§  Did you Know?

o   Decision Support Oversight Committee

§  The Sixth Right of Medication Administration

§  Formulary Update: March 2015


March 2015

§  Update on Measles Outbreaks and Vaccination

§  Vaccine Discovery, Development, and Approval

§  Did you Know?

o   New Drug Interactions

o   FDA Drug Shortage Mobile App

§  Formulary Update: February 2015


January/February 2015

§  2014-2015 Influenza Season

§  Medication Use Evaluation Reports

o   Adherence to IV Acetaminophen Formulary Restriction

§  Formulary Update: January 2015


November/December 2014

§  HIV/AIDS Guidelines Updates

§  Did You Know

o   Pregnancy Category Updates

§  HIV Home Test Kits

§  Formulary Update: October/November 2014


September/October 2014

§  Ebola – An Overview

§  Did You Know

o   Flu Vaccines

o   Tamper-resistant Prescription Paper

§  Formulary Update: August/September 2014

§  October – Health Literacy Month


July/August 2014

§  Meaningful Use Standards Being Met

§  Did You Know

o   2013-2014 Drug Classification Updates

§  Formulary Update: June/July 2014

§  Drug Shortage Update


June 2014

§  Breakthrough Drugs

§  Targeted Drug Therapies

§  Did You Know

o   New Safety Reporting System

§  Formulary Update: May 2014


May 2014

§  Smoking Cessation and the Hospitalized Patient

§  Did You Know

o   Home Medication Waiver

o   Updates to Policies

§  Changes to Pregnancy and Lactation Labeling for Medications

§  Formulary Update: April 2014


March/April 2014

§  Updated Antimicrobial Surgical Prophylaxis Guidelines

§  Did You Know

o   2014 Adult Immunization Schedule

§  The Impact of Information Technology on Adverse Drug Reactions

o    Formulary Update: February 2014

§  Drug Shortages Update


February 2014

§  Cardiology Guideline Updates

o   JNC 8 Blood Pressure Guidelines

o   ACC/AHA Cholesterol Guidelines

§  Did You Know

o   American Heart Month

§  Drug Shortage Update


January 2014

§  Making Sense of Biosimilars

§  New Drug Updates

o   New Drug Approvals

o   New Formulations and Indications

§  Drug Shortages


November 2013

§  Medication Use Evaluation Reports

o   Anticoagulation with Ventricular Assist Devices

o   Inpatient Utilization of Bisphosphonates

§  Did You Know

o   FDA and Drug Shortages

§  Formulary Update: October 2013


October 2013

§  Electronic Cigarettes

§  Medication Use Evaluation Reports

o   Appropriateness of Parenteral Nutrition Therapy

§  Formulary Update: September 2013

§  Drug Shortage Update

§  Did you Know

o   Employee Influenza Vaccination


August/September 2013

§  2013 Updates to the ACCF/AHA Heart Failure Guidelines

§  Medication Use Evaluation Reports

o   STAT Order Turnaround Times

§  Drug Shortage Update

§  Formulary Update: July/August 2013


June/July 2013

§  Medication Use Evaluation Reports

o   Subcutaneous Heparin

o   Echinocandin Utilization

o   Meperidine Utilization

o   Discharge Medication Reconciliation at the IOP

§  Did You Know

o   Micromedex Subscription Ending

§  Drug Shortage Update

§  Formulary Update: May/June 2013


May 2013

§  MUSC Policy: Vendor Relationships

§  Formulary Changes for Linezolid and Vancomycin

§  Did You Know

o   The ICD-10 Cometh…

§  Formulary Update: April 2013


April 2013

§  Patents and Market Exclusivity

§  Meaningful Use: Drug-Drug Interactions

§  Formulary Update: March 2013


March 2013

§  Migraine Prevention: Where Have We Come Since 2000?

§  Recent Updates to Medication Guidelines, Charts, and Policies

§  Formulary Update

o   February 2013

§  Drug Shortage Update

o   March 2013


January/February 2013

§  Dispense as Written: Considerations in the Brand versus Generic Debate

§  Formulary Systems Policy (C-82): Updates

§  New Drug Update

o   January 2013

§  Formulary Update

o   January 2013

§  Drug Shortage Update

o   January 2013


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